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April 6, 2011

26 Amazing Future Projects Of Dubai

What is Dubai?
Dubai, also known as, the City of Dreams, has always attracted business oriented people, but now they are attracting people for residence too! They are on their way to create a mini-universe of their own. The future is near.. Hahaha
Dubai in 2050
I remember, when I was in Dubai, in 1999 (not sure), an artisit designed a poster that had an envisioned image of Dubai in 2050. You can check it out below:

And me and my friends used to laugh at the poster, that it’s impossible for Dubai to look like that. But now.. I think that’s going to be possible in just another 10-15 years!

0-14 Tower

Arabian Blade

Burj Dubai

Dancing Towers

DubaiLand Snow Dome

Falcon City Of Wonders

Madinat Al Arab

Dubai Marina
Dubai Metro
Dubai Old Town
The Opus

Dubai Pearl

Dubai Renaissance

Dubai Sports City

Dubai Towers

Dubai Waterfront

Golden Dome

Dubai Hydropolis
Palm Islands

Sports Science World

The Cloud

The World

Da Vinci Tower

Arch Bridge
Updates (27-3-2008)

Dubai Mall

Dubai World Central International Airport
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